Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Classic fender, Nomad wheel and brakes. Posted by Hello

Classic Tank, Mean Streak bars Posted by Hello

Classic fender, Namad wheel. It's going together. Posted by Hello

Friday, January 07, 2005

Boys and their toys! Tony and jack were really getting into it! At one poiint, Tony was giggling so hard we though he had blown off a finger (or something)

Barb says "If the whole year is as good as the first few minutes, it just can't get much better!" My face is broken from all the laughter!

The countdown! Almost Midnight! And Craig is still standing! (barely)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Teresa and Pat had a plan....."If Jack and Tony shoot any more of those loud things at us, we'll cover our heads and roll over backwards". They didn't have to give up their chairs all evening! This was just a few minutes before 12 midnight. The fireworks had been boing off since around 10 PM.

Oooops! How did I get down here without spilling my drink??
Barb watched Teresa so the "snake" earlier with her arms. She's practicing. Maybe by RRR she'll have it down.
Why do all good VROC events involve a fire? At least most of them
Just one of the many "Boom" pictures from Jack's stash of fireworks!
Jim and Jack tossing M-80s off the balcony. This was just a warm up for the evenings fireworks!
Craig surprised us with his singing and playing. Well, maybe singing isn't his strong point, , but he CAN play that guitar! Couple more of those small Margaritas, and he could yodel.....
Pat's shrimp coctail. This thing was huge!
A fine meal. The entertainment was a little rough, but we sure laughed a lot!

This Jack's seafood combo plate. Did he finish it? NO
One of our waiters was calling Pat "Grandma". He brought her a candle to keep her warm, a nice order of fresh guacamole, and extra chips. This was our New Year's Eve dinner.
Rick found that a bite of Lime helped the Shine go down!
Another Mexican Sunset.
As usual, Casa Toyota did well. This is what I'll use to tow the ugly green bike to the HCR and LL this spring.
Almost home!
A snow covered Mount Shasta.
California Cotton Trees.
Part of Castle Craigs, Near Dunsmuir, CA
Snow on I-5. Pavement was dry all the way home, but there was lots of snow along the road.
First sighting of Mt. Shasta.
Example of some of their better stuff. Yes, this is for ONE bottle!
One of the largest booze stores in California. Maybe anywhere. Covers about a city block, and has things you can't find any where else. One whole case of single malt Scotch, cheapest bottle $42, on up to $3000. And, too much other stuff to mention.
Mount Lassen, SE of Redding, CA
Street food in Algodones. You can smell this stuff all over town. Yum Yum. Some Gringos worry about eating "open air" street food, but we thrive on it!
White line fever, leaving Mexico.
The end of a wonderful weekend! Everyone preparing to get out of Dodge on New Years Day. (or was that "Get out of Puerto Penasco?)
Joaquin and his daughter entertained us well for a couple of nights. Funny man!!
Carol says "Heck with the grapes, Rick needs the banana!". Rick Cox was celebrating his "day before his birthday" as well as his anniversary, AND New Years. Thanks for the Malibu Rick!
Happy Anniversary! Tony and Teresa were celebrating their 1st Anniversary on Jan. 1st! What a perfect couple! Tony is feeding Teresa her "Wish Grape" for 2005.
New Year morning January 1, 2005! The group at the Playa Bonita Buffet. Some are a little more alert than others
Pat and Barb with the "Holiday Wish Grapes". A Mexican tradition, we have a year to see if it works!
Vance and Hines built 1327 cc drag bike engine. Started life as a KZ1000. This is a $7000 engine. Hope to see around 180 mph in the 1/4 mile. It will be ready to run this Spring.
This will be a Pro class dragster. Should run in the low 7's.
Project bike is coming along. Nomad wheels with dual disks. Classic frame. Will have Mean streak bars and rear brakes. Engine will be a low mileage Mean Streak.
Barb was waving at us and missed her corner. She had to hurry to catch up with the other riders. Jack hadn't missed her
This young lady worked at our motel. She called in sick on New Years Eve so she could party down here on the waterfront.
This seemed to be the questions on the day . Hmmm. What to do when you can't drink the water......
Barbara is quite an accomplished musician! Too bad no one would throw any Pesos her way!
Mexican turkeys in a fish market. Open to the sea, they sell all kinds of fish. Clams, Shrimp, large flounder, small rock fish, etc. The turkeys are waiting for their handouts.